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Crowdfunding your next music project?

How Disc Makers can help you crowdfund your music project

More and more independent musicians are looking to Kickstarter, Launchpad, and other crowdfunding sites. After all, not only does crowdfunding music help to pay for the costs to make and sell your album, it's also great advance publicity. This page is a dedicated resource for musicians looking to learn how to crowdfund their CD project.

Quick crowdfunding tips & suggestions

  • Keep your campaign to 30 days. Shorter campaigns make you look more confident and a shorter timeline adds a sense of urgency. But make sure you let your friends and family know about your campaign beforehand to build excitement.
  • Research and learn from successful campaigns and emulate what they did.
  • When planning your campaign, don't forget all the added expenses of crowdfunding music, including CD manufacturing, sales tax, mailing supplies, and the cost of shipping your special packages to your fans and backers. Include these costs into your campaign.
  • Include many payment options and offer a lot of smaller rewards like posters, stickers, advance CD copies, or autographed CDs so people who only have a little to contribute can.
  • Release new content when promoting your music crowdfunding campaign, so people don't get sick of the same old Facebook and Twitter posts. Mix it up with videos or snippets of music, and keep your fans up-to-date on the progress of your album and their tier reward.
  • Set realistic goals. Most crowdfunding sites will give back the donations if you don't meet your goal. If you are under your goal, think about donating the additional funds yourself so you can move your project ahead without losing any donations that have been already been pledged.
Crowdfunding tips

How Disc Makers can help you and your project

Disc Makers has been helping musicians just like you since 1946. We have all the products and services you need—not just to sell your music but to also have a successful Kickstarter campaign. Here are some great ways we can help you with your campaign:

Custom Disc Bundle Packages

We understand the pressure that comes with your crowd sourced funds. Disc Makers offers the absolute highest quality CDs in the business, customized to your specifications, with a full 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can trust us for your CD manufacturing needs. Our CDs are proudly made in the USA, produced and packaged under one roof. And to make buying even easier, we’ve put together these bundle packages based on our most popular options:

  • The Merch Table Bundle from Disc Makers can be a perfect, versatile crowdfunding music package. Offer your fans 100 vinyl records, 100 CDs in jackets, 25 Cassette Shaped USBs, and you can get a price break on custom t-shirts. Our Merch Table Bundle is $2,125 with free shipping. Call us at 866-318-6656 for this special offer!
  • Disc Makers New Release Package. Includes 1000 full color CDs in 4 panel, shrink wrapped, full color digipaks , Mastering on 8 tracks ( any quantity available — may change price), Global Music Distribution Bundle, 100 full color 11x17 posters, 2 commemorative plaques and a UPC barcode with an Economy turn time. Just $1,704 plus tax and shipping.
  • Disc Makers Film Festival Package. Includes 300 full color DVD-5s in shrink wrapped Amaray cases with a full color wrap, basic DVD encoding up to 120 minutes, a Deluxe DVD Menu with up to 5 chapter points (additional Authoring services available — may change price), 100 full color 11x17 posters, 2 commemorative plaques and a UPC barcode with an Economy turn time. Just $1,696 plus tax and shipping.

Direct Mail Fulfillment

If you plan to mail your project directly to your backers, we can advise you on which packaging options will qualify for the lowest postage rates.

Commemorative Album Plaques

Offer your backers a cool and custom commemorative plaque of your album, our most popular add-on for crowdfunding campaigns.

Posters & Stickers

Offer signed posters and stickers to your backers. Adding 100 posters for just $59 is a surefire way to give your campaign a valuable and cost-effective reward tier that will make your backers feel special and pledge more, especially when autographed.

Short-run CD Packages

In addition to making your regular CD, do a special run with unique art for 100 of your premium backers. We offer affordable short-run CD packages that are perfect for your backers who have pledged the most.

Keep up with the latest trends & ideas for indie musicians

Disc Makers' blog features hundreds of helpful articles for independent musicians. Tune in each week for new ideas on recording, promotion, and yes, crowdfunding. Take a look at these great crowdfunding articles that have been featured:

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